Monday, February 14, 2011

Recurring Bartholin Cyst

I hope that my story will help other people in the future with their own problem. Mine is a little off the wall from the usual diagnosis and proceedure. I'm sure some of you out there have just googled "bartholin cyst" and accidentally come across my site. I hope you take the time to read my story, and hope that it will help you deal with the many issues you will come across in your own journey with this problem. Mind you, some of the things I mention in my post are a little out of date since I started having my surgeries in 2000. I will make sure to enter in the current information from my latest surgical update.

I'll leave out my attempts with home remedies and the 2nd word catheter for the sake of space. Let's just say that the home remedies don't work, and whoever suggests them should fuck off. The 2nd word catheter was only good for draining the cyst, and it grew back in less then a week. Also, remember when they are draining it not to look. It is disgusting and you don't want to see it.

I have been diagnosed with a recurring bartholin cyst. I was diagnosed when I was 15 - I am obviously much older now. I didn't start to realize something was truly wrong with me under after I had my eldest daughter. It hurts to walk, it hurts to have sex, it hurts to even think about it. My cyst recurrs every 2 weeks and grows to the size of a baseball. It is located on my left labia wall, and has officially disfigured my personals.

Let's just start out with that my particular type of cyst that regrows even after a marsupialization is rare. I am one of 3 people world-wide that has been diagnosed with this condition. I am not 100% sure of that number, I just know that rare=rare...and if my doctor says 1 of 3 out of 3 billion people...that's rare enough for me to call it rare.

Okay, I have tried the sitz baths. They are pretty much a normal bath, sometimes with sea salt, and the water temperature put up to boiling. Or as hot as I can fucking handle before I need to get the hell out of the water. Those stopped working for me a couple of years ago. I only take them now when I am in too much pain or just out of routine. I take one once a day, mainly in an effort to get rid of the cyst that has popped back up.

I have tried the word catheter. Twice. We are military, so our health insurance only covers so much. We have also lived on base for the last 10 or so years. So, we went to our local base doctors to have them deal with this problem. The first time I ever saw a doctor about it, HE (yes he, first time I've ever seen a male doctor) didn't know what the fuck it was. In a general word catether "installment", you are given a local anesthia and a tube is placed inside to help drain the fluid. It is exceptionally painful if done incorrectly.

My first word catheter was incorrectly done. The male army doctor went to give me the general anesthetic and popped my cyst. For anyone out there that has had this happen, it hurts more then childbirth. (Sometimes if you take a sitz bath this can happen too, and it hurts almost as much. I suggest not taking sitz baths for that reason.) So, not having any pain medication in me...he went to go look up how to "install" a word catheter. This took a good 45minutes of waiting, and even after asking for someone more experience - we got none. He then took a scalpel and cut a slit where it wasn't supposed to go and inserted a white tube into the hole. After telling me to keep it in for 14-16 WEEKS, he sent me home.

There are a few problems with what he had done. First of all was the pain medication. I had no pain medication during the entire "out patient" proceedure. It was very painful just sitting in the car to go home. He also inserted the tube into the wrong place and the tube was half sticking out. I was on bedrest for those 14-16 weeks out of sheer stupidity on his part. Next, you do NOT keep it in for 14-16 weeks. It's 14-16 DAYS. So, right after having a newborn and my husband being deployed...I was on bedrest for 14-16 weeks. I lasted 15 weeks before the tube fell out. It was excruciating pain everytime I moved, mainly because the tube was inserted incorrectly. I couldn't even put on pants by the time I went into the hospital when it fell out.

Upon going into the emergency room, I discovered what the "doctor" had done. My husband was on leave by then, and helped me get into the car and figure out what we needed to do to fix this "problem". We were in the shock of our lives. Eventually, we filed a complaint against the guy who is now deemed the "disfigurer". My labia is forever disfigured because of what he has done to me, and now I will need to undergo yet another surgery to fix it. I'm not looking forwards to it.

Some side effects of the botched word catheter are continued cysts, and an even bigger problem. My cysts were originally the size of a baseball (or so my real doctor that removed my gland said), and now because of the botched word catheter - they are about 10% bigger. More fluid and ick is getting built up in there because I have a hole in a place that I shouldn't. The fuild is just leaking out - well actually, not even leaking...but botched shit is making it worse. It was the most painful time of my life and it will continue to cause me pain.

Over the next 5 years or so, I saw various doctors. Some treated me like I was insane and didn't know what I was talking about. Some treated me with sympathy because they knew exactly what I was talking about. Some just put me on medication like oxycodone for the pain and said to hell with it. Eventually, I came across one doctor who specialized in my particular problem. He suggested a marsupialization. I immediately said yes to the surgery. The pain and general annoyance of the whole mess was starting to piss me off, and I wanted it to go away for good. I was sorely mistaken.

We removed the gland. Another 4 weeks or so of bedrest. I was slowly getting used to the bedrest. Every 2 weeks or so (to this day even), I cannot walk and need to lay down in bed to recooperate. My husband, children, and brother have all gotten used to this. I even had to have my brother come out to help raise my children for me when I cannot. I'm sure other people with this issue do not have to have the samy baby-ing, however as I said - rare. Mine always grows to the same size and always is painful - especially after the botched word catheter.

After the gland was removed my husband came back from his 2nd tour in Iraq. We realized about 2 months after it was removed that the other gland was now starting to get cysts as well. We are also told at our check-up appointment that it could be hereditary. My mother had ovarion cysts every 6 months, so I can see why the good doctor claimed that. I have not removed the other gland. The main reason I have not is because the cysts on the other side are not as rampant, and because I am having dryness in the side where the gland was removed.

Some side effects of the marsupialization were vaginal dryness during sex. This isn't normal "oh, I'm not turned on" dryness either. This is a "we're in the middle of having sex and suddenly I'm not wet". Not only does this cause a lot of sudden pain, and instantly remove your ability to WANT sex (we were trying for our 3rd child and had to give up on it), but it also causes the cysts to come back because of the pain that the sex caused. We were eventually prescribed a sort of KY jelly to numb my vagina so we can attempt for our 3rd child. The numbness was actually even more of a deterrent and we gave up for good.

I have been to several doctors since then. All of the doctors I have seen have told me I am insane and played it off. I even had one doctor turn to my husband and tell him to "explain to your wife later what I mean". I was even told once that it was really an infection, which it obviously isn't. The rareness of this condition causes people to doubt you. Mainly because they believe that by removing the gland, it will go away forever. They lie to you when they say that. Don't believe them.

Okay, so now you are caught up to date. I am currently seeing a specialist in this. She's actually writing a paper about me - go figure. She is the one that prescribed the KY for us, and for now has put me on daily pain medication. She is also very good at her job. After much research into my personal problem, she has come to the conclusion that during my 2nd pregnancy with my youngest - I had a cyst there the entire time I was pregnant and they couldn't do anything about it in fear that the baby might be hurt - that my pain sensors in my labia have been turned backwards.

Due to the fact that the cyst was there for so long, not being attended to, my nerve endings now accustom pain to excitement and excitement to pain. Meaning, whenever we try to have sex - it hurts like a bitch. I am on medication for it. I cannot wear jeans still. I'm one of those young chicks wearing the mom jeans. It disgusts me. Well, we have a solution for it hopefully.

I'm going in for another surgery. We are going to remove the cyst again, a part of it was missed and is obviously regrowing back, and we are going to kill off my nerve endings in my vagina with a heavy dose of alcohol. They are basically going to inject nerve-killer into my vagina every 6 months. Nerves have a tendency to grow back, apparently. Damn buggers need to stay gone. We are also going to remove some built-up scar tissue. The original botched word catheter and marsupialization has caused a lot of scar tissue to build up and block my pipes. I am hoping in the near future to fix the cosmetic issues. (The defigurer has since been fired)

So, now, I sit here actually praying for the cyst to come back so she can take a picture of it and get me scheduled for surgery. Let's hope I can stop taking daily pills and can actually get working on our 3rd child. I'll let you guys know how the experimental surgery goes. Shit, to be able to play with my kids whenever I want would be a miracle. That is my goal. I'm sure my 6 yr old is tired of mommy always laying down on the couch or in bed when she is awake. I WANT to be normal, and I've wanted it for a long time. I hate feeling like this, but if there is a light at the end of the tunnel - I will start going to church again. ;P

PS. It is completely natural for you not to feel like a woman or feel like less a woman because of this. I have gone through bouts of depression because of this and have basically limited all of my interraction with stress-inducers. My cysts tend to recurr when I am more stressed. I had to completely stop handling the bills, and give them over to my husband. That was a sure sign of something seriously wrong with me. My husband has gone through bouts of depressions as well. Lack of sex or that physical contact WILL have a serious effect on your marriage. I hope you all are in for a rocky road, because I sure as hell have been and it has taken all that we have to stay true to each other in a happy marriage - with no sex.


Melissa said...

Im a barthin sufferer and just finished reading your story. I was wondering if you can share any update?

Alysrian said...

Yes, give me about a day to type one up.

severe66 said...

OMG... Here I am thinking I am the ONLY one with the same "blah blah" from the doctors. I have reocurring cysts about every 2 weeks too. Whooa... Can you give me any advice other than your horrific journey you just entailed? I could really use it.. Baths are worthless.. marsupiialization is a waste.. and i am disfigured to. WOW! Here is my email..

Alysrian said...

I did post an update the other day with added details about some specialized treatment. I am typing up another update (as I have chosen to do one of the treatments, and just had it done).

Alysrian said...

Here is the link to the newest horror:

Ok, I updated with advice. Here's the link:

Andrea said...

I am a 4 time champion on the bartholin cyst rodeo. I went yesterday to have one drained and I have recently moved and went to a new hospital, where when I asked about the word catheter she looked at me and said we do not use those...they don't work. I am frustrated because I feel crazy. I have packing for now and I feel incredible...I think the first time the word cath was not placed correctly and the doctor told me yesterday I needed to consider marsupilzation or removal because it is so frequent. I can't take bubble baths...I feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame when it is abcessed...Thank you for your makes me feel less crazy and more empowered to find a solution.

Alysrian said...

You should know immediately if it was placed incorrectly. Mine was inserted pretty much outside of my body, and would hang out about 2-3 inches from my vagine. It was barely inserted and it kept catching on everything - hence the mom jeans.

I DO suggest doing a marsupialization, as it does lessen the chances of you having even more occurrances. It is VERY rare to have marsupializations and the cyst to regrow after that. I have had 3 marsupializations, and many other proceedures. Marsupializations DO work for most patients, just not for me.

Alysrian said...

I should also add that after over 200 proceedures, people whom ONLY have to do 4 proceedures...are considered very lucky. Most women actually have at least 10-20 done before they can live in peace. The mind-fuck that comes with all of this, usually lasts longer then the cysts do.

Anonymous said...

I have also had a recurring bartholin cyst fo two years. To start off, I get yeast infections very often. Sometimes I get them about 5 times a year but I just buy the over the counter monistat like at walgreens and it goes away. But anyway..It all started in the summer of 2010 at the age of 21. I noticed a soreness on my right vaginal lip but didnt give it alot of attention. A couple days later I noticed a ball growing right next to my vaginal opening and I was so freaking scared!! I quickly googled my symptoms and came to the conclusion that i had a bartholin cyst. I dont have health insurance so at first i tried to get rid of it on my own by takin sitz baths where i would just take a bucket of hot water and added salt and just sat on it for about 15 mins. Every day for almost a week i would do this but the ball just kept growing until it reached a point where it was way too painful to even sit!! I went to a local affordable clinic. They confirmed that in fact it was a bartholin cyst and just gave me antibiotic and told me to keep taking the sitz baths. I took the antibiotic and that didnt help. I had had the cyst for about a month now and it seemed to slowly be shrinking on its own. I was relived and though my night mare was over...BUT a month later I got another cyst on my left side!! I had read about some people that have had recurring bartholin cyst but I was praying that wouldn't happen to me. So now I didnt know what to do. I began taking the stupid sitz baths again and I had even read something about taking a sock and filling it up with rice, putting it in the microwave and heating it up and placing it on the cyst. Well that didnt work either. I also read about marsupializations and Word Catheter Placement and getting it drained at a clinic or hospital. I researched all of them and though the first two were too drastic so I decided I was going to go get it drained. I went to urgent care at a local hospital and a general male doctor took a look at it and told me he will drain it out. IT WAS SOO PAINFUL!! he injected anesthesia around the cyst until I could no longer feel that area. He then sliced it open and drained it out. He was surprised that all that came out of it was blood and no puss. I started freaking out because I then realized the dumb ass didn't know what he was doing. But I went home that night feeling like shit and in so much pain even though I had taken pain killers. A week later the cyst had grown to be about the size of a baseball!!!!!! and im not exaggerating! I was in SOOOOO MUCH PAIN!!! I didnt go to school or work. I laid in bed for about two weeks and couldn't even walk!!!!! I felt so relieved when I noticed it starting to get soft and quickly knew it was about to burst. The next day early in the morning it drained out on its own. IT SMELLED AWFULL!! puss and nasty stuff came out of it and the pain immediately want away!! I thought that was the end of the cysts for me...BUT a month later I had ANOTHER cyst on my right side AGAIN!!! I was sooo mad and decided I was going to research marsupializations again and consider it. But before I knew it, the cyst drained on its own after having it for a week.

Anonymous said...


AND AGAIN another month later (in December 2010) I had ANOTHER cyst on my left side AGAIN. This time I was determined to make an appointment to have a marsupialization. I went back to the clinic I had gone to the first time and told them what was going on and about my experience at the hospital. The nurse said that the doctor who drained the cyst at the hospital didnt know what he was doing because you are NEVER TO DRAIN A CYST WHEN IT IS STILL HARD!!! My stupid cyst was not ready to drain because it was hard and not soft and that is why nothing but blood had came out of it and that is the reason why it got infected and had grown to the size of a baseball!!!!!! UGHH !! i was so mad but then she told me to try out TEA TREE OIL before I have any other procedure done. I was willing to give it shot. I went to a central market by my house and purchased a little bottle of 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil. I had never heard of it, and the smell it had was really strong. I applied two drops of it into my finger and rubbed it on the cyst. The next day I felt it shrink but I didnt think much of the tea tree oil, i though the cyst had just decided to shrink on its on will .lol... So anyways I was cyst-free for a year until NOW!! its November 2011, Im 23 years old now and last week I felt a cyst growing on the right side. I was devastated and thought i was gonna go through this shit again!!! I quickly went to the pharmacy and prepared myself with some painkillers. I then went home and decided to apply tea tree oil drops on the growing cyst just for the hell of it. THE NEXT DAY IT WAS SHRINKING!!!!!! I WAS SO AMAZED!!! :D I applied another two drops on it and sure enough, in two days the cyst was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D You can research tea tree oil and see that it is a 100% natural antiseptic used for skin irritations and yeast/bacteria/fungus related problems. I decided to share my story with you guys because even though the oil does not assure you will never get a cyst again, at least it gets rid of it immediately and that is something I find is VERY useful :)

dyen2shyne said...

Hey there, I just wanted to stop in and say I appreciate your rant. I have been a reoccurring sufferer off this devilish gland myself. I had to have it lanced and packed probably a dozen times in shortly less then a year...not having any insurance these trips became quite bothersome, not only physically and mentally, but financially as well...finally had to resort to emergency room visits, which were a hundred times more pricey, but they couldn't refuse me either. Finally I found a 'student' hospital which recommended the marsupilization. Finally I thought I was going to get permanent was I wrong, about a month later it came back with a vengeance...back to getting it lanced again, 4 more times that year...I have been the sole provider for myself during this time, making my living as a bartender and waitress, bed rest and time out of work was simply not an option... But with a growth the size of fruit in ones nether regions, hiding our making the pain is not an option either. Some how an amazing two years had passed without any reoccurrence, then for some unknown reason, this past September, here we go again...another emergency room visit to get lanced and a catheter again...3 Weeks later its back, but this time I had a doctor set me up for a gland excision...they finally were going to take out what had been destroying my life!! I had my gland removed in November, healing process has not been fun...its January now, and my labia hadn't exactly healed back to how it should have been,(its actually kinda just dangling and barely hanging on) but discussed it with the doc who preformed my surgery and was told its quite normal with the extensive damage I had, but I just need to come in and he is going to 'nic' some spots and suture me back together...I am so excited to get back to normal and finally be through with this of luck to all ladies with this issue, and if you are a constant sufferer...get the gland EXCISED!! not lanced and drained and not marsupilized!!!!

Alysrian said...

I appreciate all of the new comments. This website was actually originally intended as my "rant page". My husband thought it would be a good idea to random into the open space when he wasn't up to listening. LOL

As per the woman above me whom mentioned the oil. I have tried that as well. After a while, you get pretty desperate to try ANYTHING just to stop the pain. :P It didn't work for me, but if someone else can take comfort in her words - great! Hopefully that DOES help someone.

Dyen, I am truly sorry for all of the suffering you have been going through. I also had BOTH glands removed, and they STILL come back. My original post (this one), was before they attempted to remove even one gland completely. I have since had both glands removed, and now get bi-weekly alcohol nerve ending killer injections. That works for me.

My doctor has informed me of how rare my situation is, and I understand that not everyone will have the same exact experience as me. I really just wish, especially at this point, if SOMEONE in the medical profession would even shed some light on this. A lot of you may be surprised to know that while this is not a big surprise in our OB office, can you honestly say YOU heard of it outside of your doctor telling you?

At the start of all of this, I had no idea what I was getting myself into until it actually happened to ME. This isn't one of those issues that is blasted on the TV every other commercial, it's actually really hush-hush. When it happens to someone, the doctors are quick to offer options but STILL have no idea what causes it or what would be the BEST proceedure/antibiotic/natural oil to use. They just spit out ideas until one eventually works, and that really shouldn't be the case.

Mika said...

Thanks for all the help I have been having these cyst for a long time they come and come and go but there now bigger then a pea I also get shaving bumps my private area has nothing but scars and cyst with hair down there I hate it I tryed putting acne creme down there that was a no go also antibiotic cream one doctor at first told me that I had herpies for two momths I was sad thinking I had herpies then I went to another doctor and she told me it was bartholin cyst and also ingrowing hair bumbs and said there go away and gave me now treatment

doryn said...

I also agree that tea tree oil is a very good treatment. Whenever my cyst flares up I do a sitz bath with tea tree oil twice a day and by the 2nd to 3rd day the cyst drains on its own without requiring lancing. I just had a cyst drain by itself yesterday while at the ER waiting for them to lance it. I also read on another blog that taking silica complex helps to shrink the cyst, so I am off to whole foods to look for them and if not I will buy them from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I am suffering with depression for about 5 years now. i grew my first cyst back then and ever since ive gotten many drainages. im scared to go under surgury. my boyfriend tell me i have a disease and that i have testical growing. it really hurts my heart

Alysrian said...

I'm not sure if this is a troll or not, but if it's not....I am very sorry about what your boyfriend is saying to you. If it truly upsets you when he jokes around like that, you might want to have a conversation with him about it. If a conversation with him does NOT change his attitude, then I'd suggest to dump the jerk.

No one needs to be treated worse then they already feel like. If you feel he is impacting you negatively, I'd suggest finding someone who will treat you with respect and care.

Anonymous said...

Your story is nothing short of horrifying. I can relate to your pain. I've been scalpeled with NO numbing agents or pain meds. I have said many times I would rather give birth then go through this. I finally found a hospital that does the procedure correctly and it is a godsend yet still excruciating. I feel that I have been butchered for no good reason on more then one occasion because of sheer ignorance. I hope they find a cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ive had the same problem (maybe not as bad), i mix witch hazel and calaym lotion and hold it on for as long as i can (usual 2-3 minutes several times). After several minutes the fluid releases and nasty blood (and only God knows what else) comes out causing the swelling and pain to end immediately. I really hopes someone out there... get well soon.

Kim's Place of Words said...

Hey, I feel your pain. I had a marsupialization on the right side back in Oct. 2002. The first cyst I had on that side was in Feb. of 2002 and it grew so big because I did not know what it was at the time. I had a word catheter at that time and my gyno. I had it in for two weeks. It obviously came back 8 months later and then I had the surgery. I thought I was done have the cysts but I was wrong as the left side decided to act up. I had three cysts in the last three years. The first cyst on the left side occurred in 2009. I was rushed into an ER at that time due the fact that I could not walk because of the pain. The ER doctors did not know what they were doing and ended up screwing up the area because a year and half later, my gyno tried to put a word catheter in and due to the screwing up from the ER, it hurt too much to the point that she had to remove it. A year later, I had another one but it went away before my surgery date so I had to cancel it. Now, I try to keep the area clean and hope the cyst doesn't come back because I know I will be having surgery for the left side immediately. My gyno said so because she is tired of me having them come back. I hope things work out for you to have your child. I, too, have vaginal dryness after my right cyst surgery. I have lost my appeal to be intimate period due to the dryness. I have not talked to my gyno about it but it is unnerving because I want to be intimate with my boyfriend. It hurts to be intimate with him due to the vaginal dryness. I use KY Jelly as well and it helps to a point but in the middle of intercourse, my dryness comes back. It is very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

So i just had a cyst turned abscess in less than 48hrs went to the er they lancsed it and placed the catheter which they said would fall out in a few days on its own (both the er doc and gyn said this) three weeks later its still in and painful at times. I tried removing it in the sitz bath n boy was it painful it feels like its attached to the inside of the wound. Feels like scabbing. Not suppose to see the gyn for another two wks. Havent had sex but got a bit excited with my bf last night n started feeling pain...not sure what to do advice please.There was really no advice on aftercare from the doctors

Alysrian said...

If the catheter is not coming out on it's own, then you should immediately go to the OB/ER/whatever is available, to get it removed.

Anonymous said...

This will be the 2nd time I had this happen to me, any advice would be great...

My cyst had become very large and painfull, my doctor drained and inserted the cathater. That night I whent home and noticed it was gone...said that was normal, they tend to fall out. The next morning I decided to have another look see down there and I saw just a tiny bit of white cathater sticking out I whent to grab it and it went back up inside the cyst...I then gave the cyst a little pressure and the cathater poped right out. Doctor told me he's never heard of anyone loosing the cathater inside the cyst, said we could try it again once it became large and painfull again.

2 months later I'm back again, this time I had it drained and cathatered and stitched into place so it couldn't go anywhere...

I just had this done 4 hours's GONE. It's inside the cyst again! I didn't use the bathroom so I know it didn't fall out. I'm in sooo much pain! More than before. I just called the on call doctor and he tells me and I shit you not ''well the office is closed till Monday, so you can call back then, and they can maybe fit you in sometime during the week'.

So I'm in pain, with the whole cathater up inside the cyst just chilling...they are going to have to cut me back open and go fishing for that thing...maybe next week!!!

Alysrian said...
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Alysrian said...

This may seem a little bit like common sense, but if the catheter is bothering you that badly - go to a hospital!!! Also, your doctors seem to not give a shit NOR care about their patients, so find another practice. (I also have a strong feeling that most MALE doctors have no idea how painful this really is. I have only met one fantastic male doctor who completely understood what I was talking about.)

If your catheter is not installed correctly, not only will your drainage spot become infected because of the "blockage"..but having a piece of plastic stuck inside you for any length of time is a horrible experience.

You definately need to go to a hospital though. If you can't afford it, etc, then you should ask your husband/boyfriend/neighbor to remove it for you.

*I am not a doctor, but that is what I'd do.*

Anonymous said...

I've tried the tea tree oil for two days now, and I feel like it's gotten worse, it has grown and the pain in so severe!! I can't take to steps without balling my eyes out. I stood up and blacked out from the pain. I really want to go to the hospital to have this taken care of but im not sure how I'll make it there cause the pain is just too much. I also suffer from depression and being in this much pain makes it worse. Hopefully I find relief soon

Alysrian said...

As crazy as this sounds, I actually had my husband carry me to and from the car for several of my appointments. Otherwise, if he wasn't there I left the house 2 hours in advance so I could take my time getting to the doctor's office.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how they remove the a word catheter and does it hurt?

Alysrian said...

You should really have a professional remove it, and yes it does hurt.

Anonymous said...

I to have suffered from reacuring abscesses, I have had surgery 6 times now all marsupialised and in the last ten years. I feel the gland come up regularly and it causes such a horrible fear and sadness that this will never end. I was told the first time I had surgery on both sides that the procedure would stop it from reacuring only to find that it came back again and again. I haven't had one since just before I was prefnant 2 years ago but am feeling one coming on now.

Alysrian said...

I have the same issue, that's why I started this blog. However, I do also have the ghost pain. You might want to look into the alcohol injections, and the nerve killer if it becomes too much to handle for you. That is currently what I am doing, and it helps drain the cysts before they even occur.

Anonymous said...

Hmn, no matter our rants, one thing is certain, this bartholyn gland removal does more damage than good.I have mulitple feminine issues. First, I am very hairy, facial hair, chest hair and general body hair. Secondly, I have a disfigured labia dur to the marsupialisation. I currently don't have a boyfriend and in this sex craze world we live in, it takes God's grace to get a guy who would take you as I am. My surgery site seeps blood two days before my period, it itches madly and feels like a knife is tearing into my flesh. The doctors mostly don't know what to do. I am a christian and hence, I look up to God for divine healing because the more I think about it, the more I get depressed.

Anonymous said...

Dnt mind ur bf. I am so sure by now u know u have no testicles growing. Hopefully u have found a solution.

Anonymous said...

I too suffered from this ugly thing. Its been thirty years. I recently tried silica and yes it works. No more going to doctors. The last three times when I could tell it was coming back I took silicia and the cyxts drained on its on by the second day. I never had surgery although it was recommended. Please everyone go get boron silicia and pop them twice a day five of them behind your tongue. You get them from the health store in a blue small bottle homeopathic. I wish all luck. I neverenjoy sex because of this issue now maybe I can, need a man now. Lol. Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who's problem is more relatable to mine. I'm 21 and have been getting them for two years, they're hell. The first year they appeared It was every couple months and lasted about one to two months Whereas now they have become much much more painful. No position sitting, standing, or laying down will ease the pain once they come back. And they last about two weeks bursting only because well, they've become too swollen and run out of room down there . about the size of a baseball. I've had it drained twice, the first time incorrectly and the recovery was incredibly painful the second time I had the tube put in but after it fell out my "bumpies" as I call them just came back this time with a glorious medical bill. In the last couple months it's appeared on both sides, so it's not like one messed up gland of mine did this, its just me.
I'm telling you my back story so you know I'm not someone who just got it once and now it's gone, and maybe what worked for me will work for you.
Someone mentioned silica. I thought huh maybe the pill form would work? So out on a whim I ordered it.
Super silica complex, you won't find it in stores but online it's an easy find. Black bottle, red and black label. I started taking two a day about three months ago and all cysts stopped. Honestly I didn't think they were what was keeping bumpies at bay, I assumed maybe this was just a rare long stretch without them. But my pills ran out about two weeks ago and guess who's laying in bed a ridiculously uncomfortable position in order to give comfort to a certain other area and who is back to saying "I can't have sex babe I'm sorry, give it five days."
I have no idea why they work, but I assure you they do. Pop two of those a day and I get to be like every other normal woman. Maybe they won't work for you but what if they do? Have you tried them?

Alysrian said...

I get nerve-ending killer treatment and that works for me. My cysts now slowly drain, and I only need to have the shots 3x a year to keep them in control most of the time.

Your process might work for others though, here's hoping.

Lisa Martin said...

I am having recurring labial cysts as well, although my gyno didn't think it was a Bartholin because it wasn't painfull initially. It's my left labia and the first time it got to the size of a large gum ball. When he drained it there was no puss or infection. It was the color of honey, the consistency of gel and no odor. My gyno calls it mucous. The first one filled back up within a week of being drained. He then removed the entire cyst. 9 days later it was filling up again. I had it drained twice more and just had the Marsupialization three weeks ago and I have another cyst in the same labia. I know exactly what you all mean about being depressed and feeling deformed! I don't know what else to do! We are looking for a specialist at the moment.

Lisa Martin said...

Has anyone had their cyst drained and it not be puss filled? Mine has mucous in it. It is the color of honey and the consistency of a gel with no odor. Very strange. I had one drained twice both times it filled back up within a week and then he removed the entire cyst. Another one popped up three weeks after my surgery. We just left it alone and it was fine (not full and painful) for about 5 weeks. Then it filled up and hurt again so I had the Marsupialization. That was three weeks ago tomorrow and I have another cyst(or the same one filled up again, who knows) and I am so fed up!! I am afraid that the next step will be the cath and after reading how painful it is, no thanks!! I just can't keep having surgeries and pain in my freaking crotch all the time!! It's horrible. I'm scared to have the gland removed due to all of the issues that can cause. I just don't know what to do.

Alysrian said...

The reason I started this blog was to increase the awareness of the situation. When I first had issues with my multiple cysts, doctors were unsure of even what it was.

I am currently seeing Dr. Craig in Logan, Utah. She gives me nerve ending killer treatment to help reduce the pain AND to help the cyst drain on it's own via a sitz bath. This has worked wonders for me.

I HAVE updated the blog in regards to my own treatment. You might want to consider getting this type of treatment, as well. I suggest it as a last resort only.

Good luck finding a specialist. I searched for over 4 years for the one that I have. Most doctors are hit and miss. Most of them say: "This will fix it", but it never gets corrected. Others don't know what they are doing at all, and it's obvious.

Find a doctor that is open-minded and one that will willingly attempt new treatments with you. My own has written a few papers on my condition and they have been published. Our goal has been to increase awareness on this issue.

Just don't let anyone convince you to get a hysterectomy (sp?). I almost considered getting one, but recently found out I am pregnant (again). This should NEVER be suggested to patient as a "cure all".

Alysrian said...

I should add that at first it was filled with pus, blood, and I guess some sort of blood clots. I also had the "mucus", as well.

Now, I only have the "mucus" that you have mentioned. This is mainly due to the fact that the mucus does not stay in my body long enough to get as bad as it was before. Now my cysts drain on their own, for the most part. But, they still happen and I doubt they will ever go away.

Anonymous said...

Im 27 I got my 1st cyst drained and tube put in May 9/2013, by May 17/2013 I had to have the tube removed since it did not come out. At the time I did not realize I was currently pregnant and went under and pain meds for the first time around. I am currently 14wks pregnant and on July 17/2013 I had to have it drained again this time I was given a spinal tap and a local and no tube this time the gyno left it open and packed it so I have to have the packing changed daily! First time around it was an alright size for about 2wks but 2-3wks it grew to the size of a grapefruit the second time around it only took a day to go from a pea to a golf ball. My Dr and gyno is thinking I am getting these cysts because of the hormones since Im pregnant and thats when they started. I have scar tissue from the first operation so a natural birth is out of the question this time around due to all the trauma and scar tissue. I am hoping it doesnt come back its hard enough having a active 4yr old and being pregnant... 2 days recovery the pressure is gone but having the packing changed hurts like a bitch and the pain from the spinal is what is getting me.

Alysrian said...

The scar tissue from the proceedures you have listed, have no bearing on a natural or vaginal delivery. I gave birth to two of my children vaginally without any issue, and trust me, I have a LOT of scar tissue.

Would strongly suggest that while you are pregnant to suffer thru any recurrences of the cyst. That's what I did. It was much safer for the baby to deal with the discomfort, pain, etc...then to go constantly under the knife or taking medication. I went through two deliveries and pregnancies with a cyst the size of a softball (roughly). Both vaginally.

I am currently pregnant again, and while I still get cysts occasionally, I had to stop all nerve killing/cyst killing treatment for this pregnancy as well.

To reiterate: YOU CAN GIVE BIRTH VAGINALLY WHEN YOU HAVE A CYST. It just hurts more if you do it naturally. (I had an epi, but both of mine were vaginal deliveries)

Brandi Rewolinski said...

Omg I am one of those 3 people in the world. I have mine drained monthly by needle at my gynecologist. Its never been infected, but swells to painful sizes. I have had it lanced and multiple word caths, however my body has an amazing scarring defense and the lancing caused the opening of gland to scar making it impossible for it to drain on its own. I don't know what to do for relief, I can't go more than a few weeks without going in to have it drained and even my doctors aren't sure what I should do because of my bodies issue with scarring. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who can't even get a lil bit of relief at home. Reading ur blog let me know I'm not alone!!

Alysrian said...

If it is painful for you, you should look into nerve ending treatment (alcohol injections). For me, once I started this treatment even with botched surgeries and massive scar tissue, they started to drain on their own and the pain is mostly tolerable. The injections themselves took a while to get to used to, and I get them every 2 months (based on how often mine flare up and my nerves grow back). My doctor said that part of the reason mine were flaring up so bad was because of the pain down there, and my body was trying to fight it off.

Anonymous said...

Any more updates? It's 2014! I have hope that you have healed.


Alysrian said...

Due to just giving birth, I had to stop my treatment with the nerve ending killer treatment until this past month. There is a post on the treatment here:

Unfortunately, I have not stopped getting the cysts...but with the treatments I have been getting they go away within a day or two of showing up. They drain on their own, or if they don't drain they just slowly fade away.

Texas33 said...

Wow so glad I found this website because I'm a sufferer too�� I'm dealing with 3rd cyst flare up. I got it drained Monday 24 March and the catheter is still in. OK here is my question, is this stupid catheter suppose to feel uncomfortable or hurt? Ughhh I can't stand this thing in me and I try not to think about it but I'm constantly reminded when I move a certain way. I have to sit slowly and be extra cautious. The 2nd time it burned to pee nut fell out on its own after a few days. This time it doesn't burn but it's more of an aching pain like where the incision was made but it's absolutely uncomfortable. I know I'll have to deal with this in the future but atleast now I have read about some great pointers and will probably experiment with natural remedies. I hate going through this. I'm 33 single no kids and I just know this will effect my future even more. Anyway so the catheter is in now and when I touch it I feel a hard ball like area inside not sure if it's the cyst or is the part of the catheter inside suppose to feel like this hard part I'm talking about? Is it possible they added too much saline in it that it gets big and that's what I'm feeling? Either way I hate it ughhhhhh. Well thanks if anyone reads this. Nice to feel not sooo alone

Alysrian said...

The lump you are feeling is actually considered "normal". When I had my catheters in, that lump was actually the cyst regrowing and not being able to drain themselves.

The only time that lump goes away is when I get my nerve ending killer injections, and they somehow miraculously drain themselves over the next few days.

I would suggest looking into every possible way to treat your symptoms, whether it be herbal remedies or not. Some things work better for others, as each person is different.

Texas33 said...

Ok!! Awesome thanks for replying. I guess my experimentation journey starts time NOW!!; (

Anonymous said...

So u don't think word catheter will work.. it's just a waste of time??

Alysrian said...

They didn't work for me. I had three done. The last one was a botched one, done in the completely WRONG spot and I have been having a lot of issues ever since because of it.

The only thing that works for me is one of the THREE holes created by the catheter AND nerve killing injection treatment. They drain on their own now.

Every person is different, just like every treatment will be different. As I have stated NUMEROUS times.

Texas33 said...

Hi it's me again I have another question. After I got my catheter removed I've been feeling a lot of burning pain where my 2nd incision was made when I had my 2nd catheter put in. I have no idea why that particular one is now hurting. Initially it was the most recent one that was still fresh that burned when I pee and hurt. Is it possible for an old incision to hurt all of a sudden? I'm not sure if there is a link between the two incisions or not. It really hurts, itches and burns. Also 2nd question my catheter was removed on Sunday and it's still draining which is good, but how long will it stay open? Mine is slightly still bleeding too where it's draining from. Thanks in advance. I rather ask women that have gone through the same

Alysrian said...

I am not a doctor, so all I can do is guess for you. My guesses would be: it could be the cyst is spreading to near the 2nd incision location, the 2nd incision location could be infected and spreading to the 1st incision, the catheter has been in too long, the incisions are placed too close together, etc...

It could be bleeding from where it is draining from just because of the cyst or blood trapped in there from either catheter placements that is now coming out. Cysts sometimes have blood postules inside of them. However, it could be something more serious such as: it is not healing properly. (Mine used to have blood clots come out of it before I had my marsupialization)

As per how long the incisions last: mine have been there since their original incisions. They did not go away. Part of the job of the catheter is to basically keep the "wound" open and heal into a circle, so that it will stay open to drain. It should not go away, barring any issues.

The fact that it itches, burns, hurts, is draining blood - are all major issues that you should have checked out by a real doctor. The questions you are asking, should have been answered by your doctor too. Though, try not to believe the falsities that everything is 100%...because nothing in life is really 100%.

My botched one burned, itched, and I couldn't walk at all by the time it was removed due to the pain from even a little nudge on the catheter. I later found out that the catheter itself had been left in too long, and my body was treating it like a foreign body.

When I had my third botched incision, all three of my incisions hurt. Just because you can feel the lump of the cyst on the outside, that doesn't really show how deep and how far up/down the cyst REALLY goes. Your cyst could really be in that entire area, hence why the pain is effecting the others.

My own cyst is the entire left labia. It is a VERY large area for a cyst to grow and take up room. Yours might be similar? Add on that if you don't 100% FULLY remove a cyst - they will continue to regrow...and even removing the cyst with a marsupialization is not 100% effective as it is VERY easy to miss a few cyst cells.

I will stress this for you: see a doctor. That doesn't sound good at all. Just to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Which kind of tree oil. There are tons you jus have to find the right one for your body. I been having one once a month. I jus pop them on my own and make sure i drain them good.

Jennifer Johnson said...

I am so relieved that i am not the only one that suffers from this. I have been dealing with this for about two to three Years now and it always come back. I have had the cyst drined and a cather put in twice. It started on the right side but only shows back up on the left now. I have a soft lump on it now. I guess its a lump to me its more of a sack with fluid in it i guess....but it doesnt hurt right now. I just dont like my most intimate area looking the way it does or just knowing that its there really bothers me. I have read bout serrapeptase and i think im going to try that. I dont want to have surgery and going to the ER is getting expensive. I just wish i could go back to normal! Women have to go thru so much in this world!

Jennifer Johnson said...

I am so relieved that i am not the only one that suffers from this. I have been dealing with this for about two to three Years now and it always come back. I have had the cyst drined and a cather put in twice. It started on the right side but only shows back up on the left now. I have a soft lump on it now. I guess its a lump to me its more of a sack with fluid in it i guess....but it doesnt hurt right now. I just dont like my most intimate area looking the way it does or just knowing that its there really bothers me. I have read bout serrapeptase and i think im going to try that. I dont want to have surgery and going to the ER is getting expensive. I just wish i could go back to normal! Women have to go thru so much in this world!

Kaila Smith said...

I've had mine for 6 years now. It started out as an abscess, very painful and I was in the emergency room every other week. Finally after them draining it so many times, it started coming back with no pain. I discovered that I can take a syringe, stick it in the scar tissue, and draw the fluid out myself. I pop an antibiotic and I do this once a week, three times this week so far. It sucks but I'm just glad it doesn't cause me any pain anymore. Mine only gets about the size of a boiled egg, but still, it's gross looking. I made the mistake of injecting peroxide in it.. it basically exploded and peroxide bubbles spewed out and swelled the gland up so big, it tore inside and bled for three days.. I'll never try that again. I'm considering having the gland removed eventually.

Anonymous said...

I got my first one 3yrs ago while i was 8 mos pregnant. Mine was about golfball size and being pregnant for the first time i thought i had awful hemmrhoids and spent a small fortune on otc's for that. Finally one night burning up with a fever of 102 ands chills so bad i felt like i was convulsing my husband scooped me off the couch and rushed me to the er. The er doc injected me with anesthetic cut me drained me and half ass inserted a word cathter THE WRONG SIZE!!!! They come in guage sizes and he used the biggest size. The pain is unimaginable with the catheter i went to my gyno the next day and he immediately removed it and explained the sizing issue. It slowly drained over the course of 3 weeks with no cath. It came back a year later so in aneffott to see what was happening i grabbed my vanity mirror sat on a towel and pushed on it and pus came out. I pushed and pushed until blood came out then clear fluid. Now as i write this today im on day 5 of my third cyst. I can still pretty much squeeze the gunk out but the lump is still there just fleshy and verrrry tender. Maxi skirts and ni undies with witch hazel soaked cottonball shoved inside me hoping it will completely drain. This shit makes me feel embarrased disgusting and hopeless. Its wreaking havoc on my marraige and I'm really getting tired of wanting to have sex trying and feeling like i got stabbed and punched in the vagina. I'm gonna try the silica...thank you for this place to talk about this. Ppl that havnt gone through this just don't understand. I want to be a woman again and im in tears as i wriye this

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to know that I'm not the only person this happens too. Mine started 9 years ago. My doctor at the time drained it and put a cathear in. It stayed away for 9 years, then this past May it came back. I went to my normal doctor and she sent me to a gyno. The gyno drained it and tired to put a word catheter in, but failed to do so because of all the scar tissue from when I was 19. She said I'd be fine and it would drain on its own. I was in pain for about a week. Then I finally felt normal again, until last week. It came back in less then a month. I went back to my doctor on Friday and said obviously the draining isn't helping and asked if I could just have my gland removed? She said she had no problem with it and sent me back to the gyno. I went to the same office, but this time I had a different gyno. She said it came back because a word catheter wasn't inserted. I asked if I could just have the surgery..... and she said with it being a Friday, I wouldn't be able to have surgery until next week. She said she didn't want me to be in pain all weekend. But news flash, I'm still in pain! So she drained the cyst and inserted the word catheter. She told me to come back in a week to have it removed. It is very hard to wipe with the catheter sticking out. And I always feel dirty. Any suggestions on how to wipe thoroughly ? I've been using unscented baby wipes. But it doesn't seem to be enough! :l I just feel gross! Should I still be sore after having it drained on Friday? It is now Sunday. I'm scared I'm going to get an infection from the catheter. And freaked out that my cyst will return.

Alysrian said...

All of mine were wiped with baby wipes, as gently as I could possibly do it. If the baby wipes were hurting too badly, or not getting the job done...I got into a bath and used a wash cloth or just used a wet wash cloth. When it got to be too painful for me (which happens when they are inserted incorrectly...etc..), I had my husband gently do it while lying on the bed as still as possible.

Also, don't know if you have kids or not...but I had one of those water squeeze bottles. I sprayed that on the ward catheter sight as a VERY last resort. It actually helped provide some relief (when mixed with topical medicines) and make me feel clean.

All in all...I would suggest the squeeze bottles, and pat dry. You'll probably feel dirty still, but you won't be if there is enough pressure in the squeeze bottle.

kristlenotanonymous said...

Update the silica does absolutely nothing at least not for me. I ended up having to go have it drained and due to lack of knowledge the PA that was performing my drainaige made the imcision in the wrong place and had to call the physician because she put the scapel in as deep as she couldbut there was no pus coming out...i wanted to kick her in the face because this was after two lidocaine shots and twenty minutes of me screaming and clawing the flesh off my husbands arm while she pushed on the cyst as hard as she could. The physician then comes in and begins pushing near my anus and asks if its temder there i say yes and he inserts a scalpel there with no anesthetic and i literally scream and beg him to stop and low and behold it begins to drain. Word cath in now...pretty hopeless at this point...Alysrian how do you get thru the constant bedrest and discomfort and misery

Alysrian said...

I'll write a new post to describe how I handle things for you. I attempted to write it in the comments for you, but it was WAY too long.

Alysrian said...

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have stumbled across this page i have suffered also over the past four years all previously have been healed naturally with tea tree and sitz baths.. fourth occurance was a few weeks back and hauled myself to the doctors as it was by far the worst she took one look and i was straight to the er for a marsupilization (doctor was amazing and empathetic) i was admitted to hospital for the procedure and due to wait times my surgery kept getting 'bumped' so was nil by mouth for four days and was kept on a drip needless to say (well for me) pain meds were a no go as i was so violently ill with no food... the thing grew to the size of a baseball and kept being told 'oh my this is the largest we have seen' luckily i have a fantastic mum who was there for me... i was so overjoyed after the surgery yes there was pain but nothing in comparison to what i had been through... i am hoping for no more and am going to look into the silica... i am ranting alot here i know but it feels liberating to share this.. really my question is with the surgery i have a v shape cut out of my labia and it is stitched and completely dis formed how have you ladies mentally dealt with this and in my case could this be doctor error that i should look into persuing as i am looking now to have some kind of cosmetic surgery to make me feel and look somewhat normal again!!! Peace and love to you all i pray that your recurring experiences go away.. x

Alysrian said...

I considered the reconstructive surgery, but unfortunately it is not covered by Tricare and was really costly. While it may have boosted my ego, I realized that no one actually SEES my labia except my husband. It took a LONG time to adjust to being "different" down there.

I do not have a v-shape after my marsupilization (did you know most doctors don't even know what this surgery is? they always ask me). I actually have my disfigurement from the botched ward catheter. I have a hole that does nothing for me, except needs more cleaning and sometimes winds up causing a cyst to redevelop there. I think the ward catheter in the wrong position helped make MY situation worse. It doesn't drain at all, and in the end "catches" all kinds of ew...with no way to escape.

My marsupilization actually wound up healing almost completely. I barely have a scar there now, and it's REALLY hidden. The ward catheter left a gaping slice though. My marsupilization was deformed for about 4 years before it naturally disappeared.

In the end, I think the best advice I can give to people is this: no one else can see down there except a significant other (and sometimes doctors). No one knows what you have going on down there. Try not to get too freaked out by being in public, I struggled with that for a LONG time AND I felt like less of a woman.

I'm really NOT less of a woman. I'm currently pregnant with my 4th child. I am a fantastic mother, better then most here. I would have changed a lot of things that happened with the surgeries and ER visits...but I think in the end, it all wound up being okay.

(I'm currently pregnant with #4, after my 3rd opening was wide enough at that point, to stop completely having issues with the bartholian cysts. That's my theory anyways. I sometimes get LITTLE ones now, but it's nowhere near as bad as before. Changing how I dress and not opting to be stitched after the last bitch, actually HELPED my situation.)

Alysrian said...

I should clarify a bit. My left labia is stretched and a little disformed. But, it is not something that I feel I need to have surgery to fix. I've had enough surgeries, and I'm pretty much just done with that. But, it's not like someone is gonna put their face right near my, I live with it. After so many years (14ish?), I've gone through a lot of emotional growth in regards to it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alysrian, firstly congratulations on your fourth child you are very blessed.. I have found it very difficult to find information online but fortunate that both my doctor and ob at hospital knew exactly what it was there was no option of cathater drainage etc my ob said that it is 'a way of past' and marsipuliazation was the only option to treat properly in saying that i am from australia and fortunate with our health system if admitted to the 'public' hospital this surgery is free of charge, he also mentioned that removing the gland it self was the last case resort and near impossible to locate and remove (all very new to me so just repeating the information provided to me)... you are also very fortunate to have such an understanding loving husband for me my fear is being a single 29 year old i will have difficulty finding someone who can understand (mentally i know my soul mate will love me no matter what but this certainly makes you doubt alot)... i was told after surgery all i need to do is 'keep clean' with showering THATS IT, seemed to good to be true but so far so good.. i know this next opinion is off topic but do you have any root canal in your teeth at all? I had my first 'energy healing chakra balancing' session on Sunday to help with my emotions and the lady picked up straight away of the pain and pinpointed to the exact location of marsupiliaztion and told me it was to do with infection in my jaw from root canal (which actually has a hole in it right now) im due to have it removed and have researched a bit, if you have the time it is worth a google on the long term side effects of root canal surgery... well done on creating this page it certainly has brought some comfort to know i am not alone x

Alysrian said...

I've never had a root canal. Odd. I've never heard of that. I did have an infection in one of my wisdom teeth holes after it was removed. They actually didn't remove some of the metal stitches, and skin grew over it. It was really painful and gross. Maybe that might be part of it? But, I'm not sure.

same_sufferer said...

Hey everyone. I am also suffering through the same problem. But some of the things I got to know that can prevent bacteria growth are as follows -
1. First of all, check Vitamin B12 level in you. Vitamin B12 helps in getting rid of some problems and increases immune system's fighting capability. You can get it from dairy products and non - veg of course. But Consumption of B12 by you & Absorbing it by your body are 2 different things. Lactic acid helps keeping Bad bacterias at bay by producing Good bacterias in system.
2. So you can also check if you have some intestinal worms because it is another major factor for creating infections.
3. Next you can also check your hormone levels because their imbalance can also cause such problems.
4. You can avoid activities which causes infection & maintain complete hygiene all time possible.

That's what I had t say !

Alysrian said...

I wasn't sure if the above applied to anyone, but I allowed it to be posted anyways. For clarification:

1- I have no problems with any of my vitamin levels (though sometimes issues with anemia when pregnant).

2- I obviously do not have intestinal worms. Hopefully, no one else is suffering from this. That sounds dreadful.

3- My hormone levels are obviously in balance (for once), and actually have ZERO effect on my cysts. Even when my hormone levels ARE balanced, I still get them.

4- I avoid as much as possible and maintain personal hygiene. I'm fairly certain most of us do this now.

Sometimes, this just happens to people. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about it but treat the symptoms. Everyone is different, and everyone most likely do NOT fall under ANY of these categories. (I am still leaning towards inherited via my mother had ovarion cysts, my grandmother had bartholian cysts, and now I have bartholian cysts)

sabrina said...

Today I had a cyst lanced and drained with a word catheter put in for the 8th time. I explained my issues with the cysts. I am in awe this time around. My word catheter is causing virtually no pain. All of the other times, the pain was excruciating. I am currently getting a surgery date for a marsupialization. I am interested in getting opinions as well as others stories about their procedure such as amount of pain after and recovery time. Each time I have gotten a cyst it goes from the size of a pea to golf ball size within hours and I have to go to the emergency room because I'm in so much pain. I am a single mother of a 7 yr old boy and a 5 month old little girl. So I don't have time to lay around due to pain until it subsides. It just isn't possible. But as I said before...I am just looking for opinions on the procedure and what should be expected for pain and recovery after.

Anonymous said...

I just had my gland removed on 10/27/14. I have had cysts go away on their own and I have also had them lanced. Once the gland is blocked, it will take another path. Along with the gland, another area was also removed, as my gland took on another route. It is not said how many more possible routes the gland has taken since they are impoosible to find unless they are swollen. Unfortunately, this may only be the first of many surgeries for me. I have had complications during recovery, only because I popped all of my stitches (not knowing that was the pain I was feeling). I went back to the Dr 3 days later and found out that was the case. I went back into surgery the very next day to be stitched again. I am healing well now and if I did not have a job that required me to sit all day, I would have been back to work already. Only time will tell if I will have another reoccurance in another area. I have had a reoccurring issue with this for 25 years now... I have just had the problem gland removed only to find out that it may happen again. Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

i been scared out of my wits esp caused it was the second time it reared its ugly head, since the first time it never went away, the bump was always there, I readied myself with dr Google and read all the horrible stories feeling rather doomed with the BC, I took all the advice I gathered and visited the local pharmacy and did the following ..... Next day agitation and pain gone and over the next week disappeared completely in as ITS GONE, no reminder!!!! So I hope this might help some of you!!!

Mix these together in a little tub and apply it to BC (slight burn/warm sin station but goes away)
1: natures fresh herbal parasite remedy (probiotic)
2: colloidal silver
3:lymphomyosot oral drops
4:tea tree antiseptic cream (natures miracle)
5: tea tree pure oil
6.miracle comfrey ointment

Bath in this solution
1: bicarbonate of soda
2: Epsom salt
3: colloidal silver
4: lymphomyosot oral drops ( I know it's oral drops but I was desperate)
5: apple cider vinegar
6:natures fresh herbal parasite remedy (probiotic)
7: tea tree pure oil

Drink (according to dosage)
1:colloidal silver
2: zinplex - I did 3x3 p/d till it went away

So I realize that maybe some of these did nothing, but as I sed it like this, it's worth a try definitely - I geustimated the measurements i.e. Tea tree oil is strong so 2-3 drops in lotion and like 8 -10 drops in bath / the rest of the items are mild, I know some ppl are nay Sayers about colloidal silver but as I said I was desperate.

I personally would def recommend the miracle ointment!!!

I hope this helps !!!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that this cyst can take different routes. That explains the reoccurences, it makes sense to me. I had my very first occurrence at 36yo in 2007'. Bad experience due to my Gyno's PA lancing e.coli into my bloodstream. 2nd one 2008' my Gyno was going to remove it
surgically ( I trust he knew best and I didn't know much about it at the time)but thank God it burst on it's own. .he needed the cyst wall. Ignorance was bliss for 7 yrs. It came back last month. .I was traumatized by the pain a PA caused by lancing without numbing properly. She had good intentions but it was relief after a few hours. I'm typing with the word catheter in my left labia right's back after 1month. Listen. .the hell with concoctions. I burnt my vagina with witch hazel, calamine and tea tree. It did shrink it some. I stopped that and watched burn scabs float in my sitz bath as my BC abscess grew to an x-large egg over 5 days. I took my butt to ER..I was terrified of the pain I was about to experience. I absolutely did not want a male doctor anywhere near it!..hell No!..with there rough ass..they can't even imagine how painful these are. Luckily, I had a wonderful female PA..she gave me extra care..once she saw the egg. It was the best experience so far. I have the word catheter in place. Listen if your going to have a word Cath put in, get narcotic drugs on deck. I'm pain pill sensitive but had to take 2 10 mg Percocet to stop pain after numbness wore off. After that time the pain get better but they're just hard to keep clean. Please remember to ask Dr. for a difloucan prescription along with your antibiotic and keep probiotic supplements on deck too. I have hand held shower nozzle I spray warm water in my vagina and Pee in the shower. It don't burn and keep cath area clean. .pee goes down the drain. I've read 2-4 weeks for catheter but ER papers says 3 days. I dont mind having another duct. So, it should be 2weeks when i see my doc. I
- Karen

slc said...

I am totally feeling this whole thing.. I'm 21 with two babies.. and got my first bartholin cyst when I was pregnant with my first.. It came and went practically every other week lasting the entire pregnancy .. They drained it at birth.. 8 weeks after my first I became pregnant again.. Low and behold the bastard came back when I was around 10 weeks pregnant.. I made numerous docs appts to be given antibiotics, all of which did not work.. at 13 weeks pregnant it turned into an abscess with excruciating pain I had to go to A&E where they performed emergency surgery......the Marsupialization, fab I thought... healed so quick.. even though my labia was deformed I didn't care.. no pain. At 20 weeks pregnant I had pink loss.. what is this I thought.. went to midwife.. pink loss was a build up of fluid from both glands I had golf ball cysts in either side. Was told too.. squeeze them everyday.. fabulous. My son is now 9 weeks old and I have had to 'squeeze' the cysts everyday since I was 20 weeks pregnant.. minus the 5 days after childbirth.. last night my routine of 'squeezing' wasnt an option as the cyst is now rock hard and incredibly painful.. This only means one thing.. In around 2 days time it will be an abscess and ill have to have it drained again.. fabulous. They won't do anything for me as I've proved the situation be okay if I 'squeeze' it. I'm losing my mind. I'm 21 years old.. can't play with my babies and can't have sex.. and am supposed to deal with this for the rest of my life. I'm at my wits end :( oh and home remedies?? What a pile of shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm just home from an exploratory surgery due to my Bartholin abscess.
I've also just read through this blog post and every single comment. It's heartbreaking how much we women have been through with poor medical diagnosis, treatment, and physical pain- let alone the mental and emotional anguish.
I'm new to this Dallas TX suburb and when my abscess came back a week ago (my first abscess was 12-14 yrs ago; silly that I can't remember but oh well!) relied on my family Dr to refer me to an OB/Gyn. This Dr has been honest (she and her partner are both experts in their fields and neither have seen anything like my abscess), compassionate, and fast acting.
From my years of abscess recurrance my body has formed a permanent cavity for the abscess to grow within. Both Drs worked to rule out a fistula and then cleaned out my abscess, scrubbed the cavity and sutured everything together- hoping it will heal. Dr said she isn't hopeful but wanted to give my body a chance to heal. If it doesn't heal I'll need a urogyne and the surgery/recovery will be larger scope.
History prior to this week: numerous growths and ruptures- all dealt with at home due to poor medical advice, until last year. Last year I had so many occur that I finally went to my then OBGYN who preformed surgery to repair vaginal wall damage. She mistakenly ruled out Bartholin and was leaning toward a fistula (Drs will sometimes discover the presence of e coli which can be a deterrent to proper diagnosis. The truth is e coli can be present in Bartholin cysts/abscesses). She believed that my problem was solved and in fairness, it did not recur until 15 mos later, leading me to the two I had this past week.
A note on pain: I'm just hours out of surgery and have been given the dopiest of pain meds for it. This is so ironic to me! I feel better today having had surgery and sutures than I did carrying that massive abscess around. I'm planning on saving my meds in case the dasterdly demon shows back up! :)